Real Education

Get wealthy in true essence through real education. Education is not collecting information. You may be a professor but not a possessor of knowledge. Real education is understanding the “You” within. Swami Krishnanda who was himself a disciple of Swami Sivannada of the Divine Life Society has left behind a wealth for common persons to read and be enlightened to know the real philosophy of education.

Free Downloads:

  1. Conquest of fear
  2. Conquest of anger
  3. What is knowledge?
  4. Hindu fasts and Festivals
  5. Thus awakens Swami Sivananda
  6. Aim of Life
  7. Creation from the universal self
  8. The mystery of one’s own self
  9. The Heritage of Indian Culture – An Outline of the Vedas
  10. All about Hinduism
  11. Service breaks the ego

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