There is nothing as Hinduism

Excerpts from Swami Krishnanda discource on “What is Hinduism”

It is not easy to be religious. Going to a temple, going to a church, fasting on Sundays, sleeping late in the night, rolling the beads—this is not religion. Religion is the consciousness of God, and to the extent one is conscious of the presence of God, to that extent one is religious. It has nothing to with political activity, social welfare work and so on. Though there is no objection to it, it cannot be identified with religion. Religion is not one way of living, it is the only way of living, and it must inundate the whole personality of the person.

Listen to “What is Hinduism” by Swami Krishnanada.


About Ratna and Hiro Malkani

Love to dare and accept facts. Love to learn. Seek truth and speak truth all the way. Enjoy tough situations. I'm learning to know, gain knowledge and understand the real purpose of life whilst accepting the changes in the environment.
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